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First Race Done!

So after a strong winters training I’m currently on a two week racing and riding trip out in Portugal.

We started things off with round two of the National series in Sao BrΓ‘s. The track there is very exposed to the elements so wind was a battle all weekend. After practice on Friday and Saturday I could feel I had fitness but not the speed through turns and technical sections.

Come seeding I got a strong run down despite having to pass a rider and placed 42nd/ 86 on a 2:59.

For race run I placed down a good run and put a lot into the big pedal sections but rode way to steady and smooth through the bottom half of the track and placed a 2:54 time. This got me 41st in Elite.

I really wanted a top 25 result but to look at the positives I got some good time on the bike and made progress every run that I timed.

It’s now time for a week of solid riding with the guys in the run up to round 3 of the National up in Lousa.

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2018! New Year, New Category, New goals!

After a successful season in 2017, I’m chuffed to have been promoted to the Expert category for the up and coming season.

I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me through last year and going into this season.

I am very excited to be training hard this winter and to have Alan Milway to guide me and provide clear plans of what to do to be race ready.

After about two months off the downhill bike, it will be good to get out and put all the work into practice over the next couple of months before heading out to Portugal for the first couple of races and some quality time on the race bike.

My goals for the season are to keep fit and healthy, keep my results consistent and finish inside the top 10 in the end of year ranking.

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The Fort William BDS and Uplifts

Fort William BDS Round 2, after some good riding sessions and gym sessions round 2 of the BDS soon came round. I was feeling confident abut the event but nervous knowing how brutal the track can be. The trip started on the Friday by heading 450+ miles north with my race buddy Richard. My parents were also making the trip up for the event but had left a few hours earlier in the van. After a steady run up we got to Fort Will in time for sign on and a track walk. After a good scope of the track the only thing I knew would be my weakness was the big jumps on the motorway section.


Saturday morning came we were heading up the hill by half 10. Instantly at Fort William you notice just how fast and rough of a track it is! After a good 6/7 runs i was feeling good on track and ready to rest up for Sundays race. Sunday morning I got 2 steady runs in to get me up to speed and felt ready for seeding. My seeding run was going well and i was 14th at the split until I smashed my pedal on a big rock, bending the axel, I then spent the next section of the track trying to get clipped back in meaning I had a aweful speed trap but I made it to the bottom and ended up 26th which I wasnt happy about. I was very lucky to have help from Crank Brothers who sorted me out with a new pedal. After a chill I headed up for my race run. After a bit of a wait I set off, feeling great all the way down I was 12th at the split and finished 16th. Im very happy with the result knowing its the jumps I need to work on.


A couple of weeks after Fort William I headed to Caersws Downhill to get a good days riding on the downhill bike. The tracks were running amazing and super dusty. It was a great day and got to ride with some great people. Then on the Monday I headed to Revolution Bike Park, what a opposite the weather was to the previous day! It was soaking wet but as usual at Revo the tracks were amazing and was a great day on the downhill bike giving me confidence into the next races.

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2017 So Far…

So a few months into the year now and things are going very well..

I started the year off by getting a few good road rides in and gym sessions in to build up my fitness to get me somewhere near where I used to be. February I was able to join a far better gym, N’mac. Β The facilities there are a lot better than the usual sports Center gym and being 24H means it fits in a lot better with my job. The other great thing with N’mac is I had a gym buddie, Ben my mate from work, this helped me push harder and stay motivated during sessions even though he isn’t a biker himself.

After a couple of months of training it was soon time for racing, for this I headed out to Portugal for the second round of the Portugal cup in Lousa. This was super exciting as it was the first time between the tapes in two and a half years, with it being a UCI CAT1 race it was a jump in the deep end but that’s the best way sometimes.

I headed over there with my mate Richard and the Caersws DH team, Rich and I stayed in a hostel and the others stayed with Wheelers MTB Holidays. On the Friday we did a half days riding on some mellow tracks, a great one was mini Whistler, awesome berms and jumps everywhere, great fun following Bret down. Late afternoon came and we had some lunch and set off for a track walk for the race. The track they used is called World Cup and I can see why, it’s long and technical to say the least.

We were a bit unfortunate with the weather as it rained for the weekend. After a good Saturdays practice I was feeling confident. Once race runs came around it was raining like mad! I set off on a flying run, coming into the most technical bit of the track I took a belly slide and lost a fair bit of time but after seeing I finished 39th in the Ellie class I’m very happy with this for the first race back.

Next was Round 1 of the British Downhill Series up at Nant G in North Wales, the weekend after portugal. I headed up there with my mates Richard, who was racing, and Henk, who came along to support us. We all stayed in a bunk house 11miles away from the track which was ideal for chilling and relaxing in the evening after traveling and saturdays practice. Saturdays practice was tough with the bottom pedal being a bog fest but the rest of the track was wild fun! Seeeding came round Sunday and I had a big wobble through the rocks and lost a lot of time. Race runs came and I put a good effort in and finished 11th which is my best BDS finish to date and turns out I was 4th fastest on the bottom pedal which filles me with confidence about my fitness.

The following weekend again was the first round of the Pearce at Kinsham, going into this one I knew it was going to be tough as racing is super tight on the fast, short Pearce tracks. I headed to the practice day on my own for this one, practice was running good getting nearly 3 runs a hour in with the super fast Pearce uplifts, but unfortunately about mid day I blew my rear shock! Luckily Sprung Suspension was on hand to kindly lend me a shock to keep me racing. Sunday came and i heeded to the race with my Dad in his big van like we used to back in the day. This was great and was a good way for me to stay relaxed before my runs, first run I burped my tyre on the top can rents so I had to take it steady for the rest of the run! Second run came round and I pushed hard but with times being so tight I ended up about mid pack 34th which wasn’t where I wanted to be but I was only 10 seconds off the win so I’m confident I have the speed just in need to push a bit harder on the shorter tracks.

After three weeks of racing it was a good start going into a month of training before the next race up at Fort William.

Big thanks to everyone who has helped me so far this year!